The  European Union in 2018 brought in new General Data Protection Regulations, which require us to provide a Privacy Policy on the way personal data on the Auld Earlston blog is used.

Readers should note that::
  • The Auld Earlston blog is purely a “hobby” blog.
  • No  money is made from the blog and nothing is sold through the blog.
  • No advertising is accepted on the  blog.
  • Readers are not asked to  subscribe to a newsletter.
  • No mailing list of readers is held.
  • Auld Earlston does not collect or store reader information from comments made on the blog.
  • No personal details are passed to a third party  without your permission. 
  • The names of living people are only cited if they have given permission to be named.
  • The Auld Earlston blog  is hosted by Blogger, which is a service  of Google which has its own Privacy Policy.
  • Blogger collects reader statistics on  audience, page views and traffic source, but these are not identifiable by person.


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