Monday, 5 October 2015

Earlston - Then and Now

Four  sets of views of Earlston taken in the early 1900's  and over a hundred years  later in 2015 - not too much has changed. 



 The biggest change here is the Health Centre built on the land on the left in 1983 and extended in 1994.


The building with the Clock Tower was the Corn Exchange, built in 1868  and once used for social events in the village (now the local pharmacy), with the
larger building on the right, the  Red Lion Hotel, once a coaching inn. 

The house in between in the old picture  was at one time a shop, but taken down  in in the 1930's for the building of  a Masonic Hall.  Unfortunately the project was beset with problems  and came to naught.     A road was put through the site in 1951-52, with the building of new housing on the hill to the north of the High Street. 
The postcard view can be dated prior to 1920, as it depicts  a horse and cart at the village pump well on the right.  The well, with a trough for horses and cattle to drink from,  was demolished to became the site of the village's War Memorial, unveiled in 1921.  


Thank you to everyone who has  donated or loaned old photographs for scanning.

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