Sunday, 3 April 2016

Railway Photographs on Show around the Village

 Take a look around Earlston and you will now see  
old photographs of Earlston's Railway 
displayed in 22 shops and venues in the village. 

They are the result of Auld Earlston's  recent project "Remembering Earlston's Railway 1863-1965" .  


An accompanying  notice outlines the railway's history:

The Berwickshire Railway through Earlston served the village 1863-1965. and was one of many lines lost in railway history. 

It provided the link between the east coast Edinburgh - London line and the Waverley Route through the central Borders via Newtown St. Boswells. The cross- country railway was built in three stages - to Duns in 1849, westwards to Earlston in 1863 and the final stage two years later in 1865 with the completion of the Leaderfoot Viaduct across the River Tweed.

Devastating floods across Berwickshire in August 1948 meant that passenger services were suspended, with only freight services continuing on part of the line.

Closure came without ceremony on 16th July 1965 - marking the end of the 102 year old line of the Berwickshire Railway through Earlston.

      Auld Earlston acknowledges project funding from Scottish Borders Council's                    Borders Railway Celebration Fund and the Community Grant Scheme. 


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