Saturday, 15 October 2016

A Night Out at Earlston's Cinema.

Do you or your family have memories of the Cinema in Earlston? Can you help us with any background information? 

Some members of the Auld Earlston Group recall: 
"The Eildon Cinema first opened in Melrose but  moved to the Corn Exchange, Earlston, with planning permission was given for the building's  change of use in 1956.  It was run by Mrs. Blenkinsop and Alan Coates, and my mother and sister were among the usherettes.
I remember one night  watching a Richard Todd war film, when a bomb went off in the film, startling  the usherette who dropped her large torch on the floor with a further bang.  We used to sit at the back row smoking - despite us being underage!   
It seemed every time I was there, the music being played was Russ Conway's "Side Saddle"  - the popular piece of the day, but I  got very fed up of hearing it. 

The cinema was very well attended and great for a night out that didn't involve  travelling to Galashiels.  But it only lasted a few years, before  becoming  a bingo hall and a venue for discos.  I remember Manfred Mann performing  there in a live show.   

I think in the 1930's,  behind the Red Lion was a rather make-shift cinema  in what was known as the Union Building.  They had a fire scare when people panicked and the incident  made the local newspapers.

In the collection of  Auld Earlston are two programme bills (below).   Cinema goers could view a weekly programmer= of five films, (two performances on Saturday) .    Unfortunately the bills  are not dated,   but the film release date is given in brackets  as an indication of when people would be enjoying them - in the 1950's and 60's  

The Long Hot Summer, with Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward & Orson Welles  (1958)

Oregon Passage  - John Ericson and Louis Albright (1957)
Count of Twelve - Eunice Gayson and John Bentley (1953) 
The Siege at Red River - Van Johnson and Joanne Dru (1954)
The Law and Jake Wade - Robert Taylor and Richard Widmark (1958)

The billing on the second advertisement is more wide-ranging in date from 1942 to 1960 with:

A Woman Like Satan - Bridget Bardot  (1958) 
The Five Pennies Danny Kaye (1959)
Orchestra Wives - Geo Montgomery and Anne Rutherford. (1942)
Rock A Bye Baby - Jerry Lewis (1958)
Inn For Trouble - Peggy Mount and David Kossoff (1960)
People Will Talk - Cary Grant and  Jeanne Crain (1951)
Circus of Horrors - Anton Diffring and Erica Remberg (1960)
The Baited Trap - Richard Widmark and Lee J. Cobb (1959)
What Price Glory - Jimmy Cagney and Dan Dailey (1953)
The Flesh is Weak - John Derek and Millie Vitale (1958)
Toby Tyler Kevin Corcoran and Henry Calvin (1960)
Let's Get Married - Anthony Newley and Anne Aubrey (1960)
Tammy - Debbie Reynolds and Leslie Neilson  

Many of these titles and actors. may well bring back memories to film buffs. 

If you can help us with more reminiscences on cinema going in Earlston, do get in touch - by writing a comment below, or e-mailing: - we would like to hear from you.



  1. away down memory lane. I loved the Eildon cinema. Carousel, John Wayne films, Ben Hur. Ten Commandments ... usherettes, ice cream and the chippie nearbye.

  2. My mum worked in the ticket kiosk in the late 50's early 60's. We lived in Westfield then so not far to work

  3. They used to show films at the school in Earlston . When Pop- Eye was on the gas man used to howl with laughter.


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