Saturday, 5 November 2016

Wartime Air Crash over Earlston - UPDATE

Last November the Auld Earlston blog featured an account of the Darlingfield Air Crash of 1943 when a German bomber came down near the village, killing all four members of the crew.  Click HERE to read the full account.

Recently Henning Hiestermann  the grandson of the pilot, Paul  Rogge (left),  made a return visit to Earlston with members of the Aircrew Remembrance Society who were making a further investigation of the site.   

A new plaque was placed at the simple memorial, in the presence of members of the Auld Earlston Group, who assisted in the original enquiry to trace more information on the crash. 

It was a beautiful crisp autumn afternoon, standing in the field, surrounded by the peaceful Borders countryside that 73  years earlier had witnessed a tragedy of war.
 Henning Hiestermann (centre) with members of the Auld Earlston Group

  Henning holding a portrait of his grandfather on the site of  the crash

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