Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Gen. Eisenhower Visits Polish Soldiers in Earlston

Continuing the war time theme, here are two photographs in the Auld Earlston archive collection that recollect  the time in 1943-4 when Polish soldiers from  a tank regiment were stationed in the village.

General Eisenhower arriving at Earlston Station to inspect the 
Polish Tank Regiment stationed in the village in 1944. 

 Tanks in Earlston Square - note the two little boys giving them close inspection!

Following the formation of the 1st Polish Armoured Division, in February 1942 at Duns, , Polish troops under the command of General Stanislav Maczek  trained across Scotland including Berwickshire, before taking part in the Normandy Landings of 1944.   At its peak, the division numbered 16,000 soldiers. 

In Earlston,  the rugby club pitch and clubhouse were requisitioned by the military. Approximately one third of the pitch was dug out and concrete laid to make a  "hull-down" park for the tanks  stationed in the area preparing for D-Day.  

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 The booklet is available on loan  through Scottish Borders Library Service 
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  1. I never knew that Eisenhower had visited Earlston, so thank, you for the information


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