Sunday, 30 August 2015

Out on the Road in Earlston

What was driving like in the early days?  Take a look  at these quiet roads around Earlston in times past.

For Leisure 

Driving down  the middle of the road on the now busy A68.
The Quiet Market Square
Local Historian John Weatherley with his Pride and Joy

Or Let the Bus Take the Strain

For Business

Prime Minister Asquith leaving Earlston Station in 1908
 in the official car to take him to the meeting in the village. 

Andrew Taylor & Sons, Ironmonger & Grocer  - listed in a Directory of 1931. 

Co-op Vans outside the  Earlston  Shop 

Two Lorries of the  Brownlie family who have been in the Saw Mill business 
since the mid 1850s and purchased the Earlston yard in 1920. 
 in July 1988 it became part of BSW Timber Group 

Two Lorries from 
Rodger (Builders) Ltd, established in Earlston in 1847


And what was likely to be the biggest danger facing motorists?  Children playing on the road. 

High Street


Thank you to everyone
who has  donated or loaned old photographs for scanning.
Auld Earlston welcomes all contributions on the village's past  -
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