Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Snowy Scenes in Earlston

What Memories do you have of Winters Past? 

There is no date identified on an old photograph of the Red Lion hotel in the Square.  The driver of this unusual sledge seems to be dressed very formally in a top hat and is not particularly well  wrapped up against the elements.  And who was he waiting for?  There does not seem to be any path cleared through the snow from  the hotel.   Or was it a promotional photograph?    From the collection of the Heritage Hub, Hawick.

1947 - A Notoriously Bad Winter.  
Named on the back of the photograph are: 
J. Blair, Jem Blaikie, T. Carruthers and  W. Bell. 

Thorn Street

Market Square

The Cauld, Mill Meadow

More Recent Winters

By Fans Farm

Market Square 

Arnot Place - winter 2010-11. 

Leader Water from Craigsford Bridge - winter 2010-11

 Cowdenknowes Wood - winter 2012-13

Thank you to everyone
who has  donated or loaned photographs for scanning. 
Auld Earlston welcomes all contributions on the village's past.
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